We asked you on Instagram what you’d like our Women’s Day scentaddict collection to center on. You called for the fragrances of female style icons, so without any further ado…

While trend cycles come and go, a true style icon exhibits a timeless taste that inspires designers for years to come. We’ve chosen four women who have impacted how we dress today, along with fragrances that suit their signature styles. The best bit is that you can try all of these perfumes for less than £48 with scentaddict!

What’s scentaddict?

If you love fragrance, but you can’t splurge on every scent that catches your eye, scentaddict is the perfect subscription service for you. For £12 a month, they’ll send you a thirty day supply of your chosen fragrance along with a sleek travel-size atomizer that you can pop in your satchel, your suitcase or even your coat pocket.

Zendaya – Lancôme | Idôle

TV and film star Zendaya is the reigning queen of Gen Z fashion. From her Joan of Arc Met Gala look to her recent Valentino spiderweb slip dress, Zendaya’s outfits are always graceful, innovative and incredibly interesting. We’ve chosen Lancôme’s Idôle, since she’s been appointed as the face of their new campaign. Idôle captures Bergamot, Musk and Vanilla with a Rose Accord.

Diana Spencer – Jean Paul Gaultier | Classique

Twenty years after her death, Princess Diana is still a symbol of grace, beauty and an impeccable taste in clothes. While people love her legendary wedding dress, her 1994 ‘revenge dress’ has gone down in history as a genius execution of style. Her distinguished femininity is best represented by Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, with Mandarin, Tuberose and warm Amber.

Rihanna – Armani | Si Passione Intense

Even before she won the CFDA’s Style Icon award in 2014, we all knew that Rihanna is a fashion powerhouse. Fast forward to 2022, and she’s running one of the most successful lingerie labels in the world while dismantling society’s expectations of modest and reserved maternity wear. Si Passione Intense is a decadent blend of Blackcurrant, Patchouli and clean Cedarwood – the quintessential scent of a modern fashion mogul.

Marylin Monroe – Versace | Yellow Diamond

Last, but never least, is Marylin Monroe. ‘Icon’ doesn’t even cover the impact that her image continues to have on pop culture. The white subway dress, the pink evening gown, that shimmery little number she wore to JFK’s birthday celebration, we could go on and on. For the most famous blonde in the world, we’ve chosen Versace’s Yellow Diamond, an airy floral fragrance with Lemon, Mimosa and Palo Santo.

Which style icon resonates with you the most? Next time your wardrobe leaves you uninspired, why not sample the fragrance of your fashion foremother and get creative?