Skin & Tonic Stress Awareness Month Spotlight blog by Beauty at The Fragrance Shop

With Skin & Tonic, it’s all in the name. The certified organic and cruelty-free skincare brand is all about everyday skincare to calm your skin and mind, making it the perfect one to get to know during Stress Awareness Month.

Skin & Tonic has wellbeing at the heart of every product, whether you’re looking for something that reduces redness and inflammation or you’re in need of a new face oil. All products across its three ranges – Glow, Calm and Sleep – serve unique purposes to help you resolve targeted skin problems you’re having at any given time.

Most importantly, to the brand and everyone using their products, is the fact these products are all made considerately with natural ingredients proven to improve our mental wellbeing, too.

Founders Sarah and Josh created Skin & Tonic in 2015 when they began to understand the effect stress has on the skin and mind. Following a period of grief and Sarah being diagnosed with endometriosis, she took a leap of faith for the sake of her skin and stress levels and retrained in aromatherapy, skincare formulation and essential oil science.

“By using fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients in my formulations, my skin transformed and my mind calmed as I slowed myself down and focused in on self-care.”

Skin & Tonic - Calm Balm - 20g

Much like how your favourite singer’s early songs will always be the best, the very first Skin & Tonic product remains a staple in our routine. The Calm Balm set the brand standard: multi-purpose for the multi-taskers, made with calming properties.

PSA: It’s not a lip balm. The Calm Balm (£13.00) is an aromatherapy balm to massage into your neck, wrist and temples to relieve stress, crafted with Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula. The pocket-sized saviour also soothes inflammation, dryness and redness, making it the perfect product to take on-the-go.

The Calm Down Oil (£18.00) upgrades ordinary face oils with its gentle and comforting ingredients, like Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract which actively heals and restores tired skin. The Sleep Recovery Oil (£30.00) exquisite night oil crafted to minimise pore size, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and protect the skin from inner stress signals. How? Made with Chia Seed, Neroli and Microalgae, the Sleep Recovery Oil helps restore the skin’s natural circadian rhythm to let you unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

The best thing about Skin & Tonic? Their kits of mini essentials (which aren’t all miniature!) to help you explore and get familiar with their products depending on your skin’s needs.

Happy Skin Kit is a perfect place to begin. Designed to soothe and balance, the life-changing kit has their Calm Clean Cleansing Balm, the incredible De-Stress Face Mask, a soothing Rose Mist to hydrate, Daily Detox Face Oil to purify and balance the skin, and their brilliant Naked Lip Balm. The best part? It’s only £39.00.

Or you can go for The Calm Kit with another essential trio – the Calm Balm, Naked Lip Balm and Rose Mist – for only £25.00 to relieve yourself of stress on-the-go at all times.

Thanks to its natural, cruelty-free products, Skin & Tonic caters to all skin types. Each and every product is made with all in mind, and if you ever have any worries you can trust their super simple and transparent ingredient lists to truly put your mind at ease.

Shop Skin & Tonic from Beauty at The Fragrance Shop now. Looking for more de-stressing products? Take a look at our review of ‘De-Stress’ products to see if they live up to their promises, and find the best relaxing beauty products you need right now.