Relive your early 2000’s-self for less, your favourite Britney perfumes are on mega-discount!

It’s not often you meet someone who didn’t once own one of the Britney Spears Fantasy perfumes. They were part of our youth, an entrance into what we thought was womanhood. They’re truly iconic, and now they’re only £18 each.

Britney Spears Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy perfumes for women are for she who is seductive, charming and elusive. Two magic love potion of sweet temptation that leaves a tantalising trail of embracing sensuality. An enticing mix of lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi, laced with a yummy cupcake accord, jasmine petals and sexy white chocolate orchid. With an after-dark version that is flirty, fruity, and floral… perfect for taking your day into the night. Unforgettable, sweet and mischievous.

Prices are correct as of date published.

Feature image: Entertainment Tonight