The heat is rising, stay cool with these ice cold products and tips.

Summer pending. It’s finally getting warmer, and while there are absolutely no complaints here, it’s nice to be able to stay cool while we enjoy the sun. Apart from the obvious answer of staying hydrated (water, not alcohol, unfortunately) and staying in the shade, we’ve got some top tips for you so that you feel the heat, not the burn this summer.


Salt spray is your BFF

We bet you never knew all the benefits that salt spray really has. Spoiler: it’s not just to make your hair look as though you’ve spent months living it up on the California coast. It actually can do a lot more. Use it during the hot weather to keep your roots looking and feeling sweaty. Not only will it give you some volume and texture, but it will help to soak up sweat. It will also help make a messy up-do (for when it’s just too hot to leave it down) look fabulous, even if it is held up by sweat.


It may seem like we talk an awful lot about SPF, but it really is such an important part of your daily skincare routine. The places that are exposed to extra sunlight need it the most. There’s nothing worse than sun-burnt skin that is hot to touch, so stay safe and stay cool using your trusty sun cream. If you struggle to remember to put it on every day, make sure your facial moisturiser or foundation has an SPF factor in it.

Utilise your fridge

Ever put on moisturiser and been slightly disgusted at how warm and watery it’s gone from the heat? Solution: pop it in the fridge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how nice it feels to put fridge-cold liquid on your face after a long day in the scorching heat.
Another quick tip: pop your nail polishes in the fridge if they’re going a bit gooey from the warmth – it will keep their liquid consistency and maintain their freshness.

Scrub your face clean

Water and sweat resistant products work so well because they conform to the skin better than most, which is great. It does, however, mean that the product might end up leaving residue on your face. To ensure that this doesn’t build up and clog pores, make sure you clean your face properly every night using an oil-based cleanser.

Spray your face

Keeping a facial cooling spray on you at all times may save you during the hot weather, but we don’t just mean this. Set your face using a matte setting spray so that your makeup is less likely to sweat away.

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