It’s National Sickie Day, but here’s how to avoid taking a day off work.

The first Monday of February has gained its name of National Sickie Day due to it’s reputation. It’s the first Monday after January payday, and as we all know, January always seems to feel about three weeks longer than any other month. National Sickie Day got it’s name after people would go out and get very drunk on payday weekend and end up calling in sick on the Monday morning. While it might seem tempting to take a sick day, we’ve got some solutions to help you power through a tough start to the week.

Take your vitamins

We all know what vitamins we should be taking throughout the winter in order to keep ourselves in tip-top conditions, so make sure you’re actually taking them on a daily basis. They won’t work to their full potential if you only take them sporadically.

Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is important for more reasons than one. Whether you are under the weather or simply feeling the affects of last night’s big blow out, sleep will always help you. If you’ve been out drinking on the Friday or Saturday night, you won’t have had a particularly good rest. So, on the Sunday night, make sure you have an early, easy digestible dinner, don’t drink any caffeine and get yourself to be an hour earlier than usual. You’ll wake up feeling fresher than you can imagine.

Hangover remedies

There are two ways to help a hangover. The first is to try and avoid one, or at least avoid an awful one. The second, is when you forgot to try and avoid it, so now you’re nursing one. We can help.

Avoiding a hangover: there are a few simple ways to do this, many of them you will already know. By eating a full, carb-heavy meal before you go out, you’ll get drunk a lot slower, inevitably avoiding the post-night out hangover. Another way is to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have, this really helps! You can also help yourself by leaving a large glass of water by your bedside for when you get home – as long as you drink it, this should help a lot.

Nursing a hangover: if you forgot to try any of the above and are now pitifully regretting it, there are still ways to make your head feel a little more bearable today. Drinking lots of water and eating a banana with your breakfast will give you the nutrients you need due to it’s high levels of potassium. When you drink, you lose electrolytes like potassium, so a banana will replenish those lost. While it might be tempting to eat the greasiest food in sight, it’s actually better for you to eat fresh, healthy food that contains some carbohydrates. Think sushi or a pasta salad, trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Feature image: Keck Medicine