If you didn’t know by now, Stranger Things 3 has landed on Netflix. We’re taking a trip down memory lane to one of the most iconic, culture defining decades and reminiscing the fragrances that shaped it.

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things before, now is the time to start. The third season has just landed on Netflix (no spoilers – we promise). Whether you’re re-watching the first two over again or you’re a new member of the Stranger Things fan club for the first time, you’ll notice the immediate vibrant attire, infamous 80’s haircuts and Steve Harrington’s symbolic, classic Nike Cortez’s. The 1980’s were notorious for it’s style, music and culture evolution. We were hugely influenced by prominent stars like David Bowie, Madonna and Freddie Mercury and films such as Back to the Future, The Goonies and Dirty Dancing; but what fragrances were we wearing?


Although YSL Opium was launched in 1977, it took the 80’s by the reigns. It was widely criticised for it’s insensitive name, vulgar sexuality and glorification of drug abuse, however that did not affect the fragrance market’s allure to the scent. The spicy, abiding women’s fragrance saw itself into an 80’s powerhouse which made way for equally audacious perfumes and aftershaves. The exotic blend of luscious floral’s, deep spices and woody notes is still beloved by many today.


Christan Dior’s 1985 perfume for women, Poison, still to this day has an unquestionably recognisable scent. It was a scent that made an entrance, took over any conversation and would sometimes bide it’s welcome. It had an addictively intoxicating scent and a bad reputation; when a fairy tale meets your darkest dreams. The deep, red wine bottle that sat daringly on your dresser is still as iconic today as it was then and is still filled with that scent that you either love or hate. The Marmite-esque perfume has since been made into various versions like Pure Poison, Poison Girl and Hypnotic Poison, but the true daemons of the original lives on.


Giorgio Beverly Hills was always referred to as a ‘big scent’. It’s classic 80’s bottle with a font that screams a fuchsia lipstick and purple eyeshadow combo’ was everywhere, in fact, you couldn’t go many places without smelling it. It set the bar high and other fragrances followed suit. Launched in 1981, it’s blend of lasting rose, gardenia, sandalwood and orange flower still live on today, although with no exclusivity that it held up back in the 1980’s.

Do you remember these too?

Estée Lauder – Beautiful

Image: Pinterest

Calvin Klein – Obsession

Image: Mad Perfumista

Love’s Baby Soft

Image: Like Totally 80’s

All signature scents that formed something of the 80’s decade. Let us know in the comments what you’re favourite fragrance was back then and why. We love to know what you think! And if you haven’t already… go put Netflix on and devour Stranger Things 3, it’s been worth the wait.

Feature image: CNET