Why you should be unplugging everything on a Sunday night.

It’s commonly known that turning our smartphones off a couple of hours before we go to bed will result in better quality sleep and make waking up in the morning a far more enjoyable experience. We’ve been told to get an alarm clock rather than relying on our phones that are placed next to our heads while we dream. Here’s why we think that Sunday evening’s should be down time, and not just the hour before you hit the hay.

Using your phone during wind down time will effect the way you sleep. In the long run, that will effect your wellbeing and every day life. If you stare at your screen before you close your eyes, according to Psychology Today, it will take you longer to fall asleep; mess with you circadian clock; suppress melatonin secretion when you need it the most; decrease your REM sleep and make you feel more tired when you want and need to be alert.

It might be hard to break the habit at first, but putting your phone away before you go to bed will change your life very quickly. Christine Kopaczewski for Business Insider stopped using her phone before bed and noticed immediate changes. The main differences she noticed were that she slept better, and that included naturally waking earlier while still feeling refreshed. She also realised how much her attention span grew, and how stress and frustration removed themselves from her morning routine. The final thing she noticed and cherished without her phone in her hand, was the moments that she’d been missing while on her phone; talks with her husband, snuggled with her dog. These are all things that she’d dismissed or taken for granted while she was spending time on her mobile.

If you struggle when your phone isn’t in your hand and end up feeling a little lost; here’s what we suggest you do to wind down instead of scrolling endlessly through Instagram.

  • Read a book. Reading will gently wind your brain down, take you to another land and ensure that you drift peacefully off to sleep.
  • Journal. Put all of your thoughts onto paper. Hand writing these will be peaceful and therapeutic, the perfect way to doze off.
  • Skincare. While you may already have a skincare routine set in stone, think about how much care you actually put into it. If it’s a case of rapidly throwing everything onto your face in between browsing ASOS in one hand, then slow down. Put the care back into skincare and take time over yourself. You’ll feel much more relaxed afterwards.
  • Have some one-to-one time with your loved one or pet. Unfortunately, our phones may have replaced conversations with our partners and chill time with our much loved animals. Treasure the moments that technology can’t replace; plan an adventure, talk about your day. You’ll feel good for it.
  • Yoga. Get your stretch on. Get your mat out, put your comfies on and roll around until your body feels worked and ready to sleep.
  • Have a bath. Rather than jumping in and out of the shower so that you can continue with your Netflix binge, turn the TV off and run yourself a bath. Treat yourself to some relaxing bubbles or a bath bomb, light some candles, sink in and don’t get out until you’re wrinkly.

Feature image: GLAMOUR