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How you participate in Veganuary is up to you: you can reduce your meat intake, eat more veggies or simply be more conscious of what you buy. Being vegan isn’t just about your diet, we have a range of beauty products that aren’t made with, or tested on, animals. You should have the freedom to care for yourself, as well as the planet, which is why we’ve created a guilt-free haircare routine.

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Our Veganuary Faves

Every year, more people take part in Veganuary, a month-long pledge to avoid products made with, or tested on, animals. Veganism is more than a healthy diet, it’s a lifestyle that challenges animal cruelty, over-fishing, deforestation and pollution caused by…

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Whether you’re already vegan or just choosing to shop consciously, these are our best vegan beauty products we know you’ll love. Everyone in the world is trying to be a little more conscious. There are so many ways to go…

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The greenest Indulge List you’ve ever seen. Paying tribute to all of those who are taking part in Veganuary, or those who choose to lead a vegan lifestyle regularly, this week’s Indulge List feature’s vegan-only skincare, bodycare and makeup products….

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