Fresh start, fresh makeup and skincare goals.

Who’s with us?

We love an excuse to start over. To feel like this time around we really are going to get our lives together. Going into the new year is the perfect time to try again, and with this one being a whole new decade, we might as well try a little harder. Whether you’re setting new year’s resolutions or not, we know there’s definitely some changes that could be made to all of our skincare and beauty regimes. Whether it’s to find a routine that works well for you, or if it’s to stick to the one you have, there’s something we can all do to help our faces. Here at The Fragrance Shop and Indulge Beauty, these are our plans and resolutions for 2020.


My resolution is to not get lazy with my skincare regime. I know how much it benefits me but I’m so guilty of getting into bed to read with every intention of getting up and sorting my face out properly before I sleep. Nine times out of 10, I end up just using my Micellar water and night cream (quick tip – I always keep my night cream by my bedside instead of with the rest of my skincare products for these exact moments of apathy).


I plan to stop buying beauty altogether – and start using my existing stash. I’ll only buy things I’m completely out and have no replacement in my kit


Mine is to try and commit to 8 hours sleep per evening.


Drink less! Dry January will be my test/start of reducing the amount of alcohol I consume. I’m not that bad, but I know that drinking (and the associated additions when drinking – late nights, smoking, greasy takeaway pizza…) don’t help my skin whatsoever. Also, moisturise daily. I’m on it with my face (oils, creams, serums, you name it) but the rest of my body is an afterthought, not a great idea with how cold it is outside.


I plan to start using oil in my skincare routine.


My resolution is to cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night! Even after a night out.


To do my skincare morning and night!

What are you going to be doing? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image: cottonbro from Pexels