She taught you how to lipstick, now she needs your beauty tips.

If your mum’s ever asked for help with her makeup, it probably wasn’t just for fun, she’s looking for beauty tips. Beauty is a completely different world to what it probably was when she was your age. Gone are the days of a simple red lip and a blushed cheek; now, there are colours of all sorts; mattes, shimmery, glittery or glosses; contouring, brow trends, over complicated liner techniques. There are so many things she wants to be taught, and as she was the one who started your beauty journey when she let you use her favourite lipstick at the age of six, you probably owe it to her to give something back.


We need to remember that our mum’s have been through more brow trends than we have, and we’ve been through a lot. The chances are that their eyebrows might not be in such good shape after all the mishaps and alterations. So, now that you’ve got the perfectly grown out brows, you’ll know just what to do with hers to make them suit her.


Skin tone and colour changes regularly, even if just slightly. Help your mum out by ensuring that her cheeks are rosy with a colour blusher or bronzer that suits her, and show her techniques of how to brush it on. You could even throw a liquid version into the equation, not to over complicate things. But show her how she can blend it on a daily basis so that her cheeks look on fleek all day, every day.


Now, we’re not telling you to get her into cut creasing. However, a little tutoring on which colours will suit her and her wardrobe on a daily basis and how to doll herself up a little when you’re not there. Help her blend it all into the eyebrows that you’ve shown her how to do and by the next time you see her, she’ll be a beauty pro.

Feature image: Oleg Magni from Pexels