Introducing Dr.PAWPAW at Indulge Beauty, here’s why you need a multi-purpose balm in your life today.

Dr.PAWPAW has landed at Indulge Beauty and we’re very excited about their range of balms. You’ve probably got a balm in your cosmetic collection somewhere. The chances are, it probably comes in the form of a lip balm and you use it to soothe your lips throughout the day. We bet you didn’t know that there are so many more benefits to your standard balm! There are also so many reasons to up your balm game and invest in a Dr.PAWPAW multi-balm.

Who are Dr.PAWPAW?

Dr.PAWPAW is a brand which is inspired by the pawpaw (papaya) fruit, and it actually features as one of the main ingredients in the products. Made in the UK, Dr.PAWPAW was created back in 2013 by husband and wife duo, Johnny and Pauline. The founders wanted a product and a brand that could help families everyday and create an all-round item that could be used on lips, skin and hair. They made the balms with the intention that everyone could use them, from Grandma to Dad, and even shopping them for your new-born baby.

The balms are made of three main ingredients: the pawpaw fruit, aloe vera and olive oil. Each of these elements contribute to the skin and usage benefits tha these fantastic products hold.

The benefits of the multi-use balm:

The multi-use balms created by Dr.PAWPAW have a whole range of uses and benefits. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be keeping on (or a few) of these in your bag at all times because you just never know when you’ll need it!

  • They make for the ultimate lip balm. Soothing aloe vera and olive oil will take care of any cracked lips you might have and will soften your skin in general.
  • They’re great for smoothing and shaping brows. There’s nothing worse than a stray brow hair when you’re trying to get ready. Pop a smudge of one of these balms on and they’ll be kept under control all day long.
  • Short on moisturiser or just need an added dose? These balms can be applied to your skin to add hydration for soft skin whenever you need it. This is extra important for your skincare in the colder months when your cheeks are expose to dry, cold air.
  • Put this on your eyelids before you use eyeshadow and you’ll notice how they work perfectly as eye primer! No longer worry about them smudging or fading throughout the day.
  • It’s not just your eyes that they work on, use them under your foundation for a stay-all-day look.
  • Don’t let your poor baby’s nappy rash go un-soothed. This multi-balm will work just fine and keep your baby happy!
  • You can use it on insect bites and stings to help healing and stop pain or itching. This means its the perfect product for your hand luggage when you go on holiday.
  • It can soothe cracked heels! They can feel impossible to get rid of and annoying when you want to wear open-heel shoes, but this will be your lifesaver treatment.
  • You can buy the tinted balms which can be used to add colour to your lips, eyes, cheeks – wherever you fancy a touch of colour! The ultimate go-to no-makeup-makeup look for your everyday wearing.
Image: Dr.PAWPAW tinted balms

Our favourites from the Dr.PAWPAW balm collection: