The summer might be coming to an end, but this fake tan is just the start of your year-round glow.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a summer holiday this year, or if you’ve simply basked in whatever sun you’ve had throughout the summer lockdown, you’re probably going to want to keep your sunkissed skin looking bronzed. As the warm, glimmering summer nights come to an end, the fear of losing our summer glow settles in. The reality of a cold, dark, pale winter is upon us, and who’s ready for that? Not us! Especially after our circumstantial lack of summer fun this year. But, our summer tans are here to stay this winter, no matter how dark and cold it gets. While keeping up your fake tan routine throughout the winter might seem like a lot of effort, these products will not only maintain your bronzed goddess style, but they’re super easy to do so.

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson is brand new to Indulge Beauty, and we’re excited about it. This golden olive tone tan is easy-to-apply and suitable for all skin types. The formula is ready to wear and packed with hydration for maximum skin health and a natural fade. SOSU’s Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse is the tan you’ve been waiting for. Slay day or night and literally DRIP GOLD in every light, plus it is suitable for face and body.

Ecooking want all of the products within our range to be simple and efficient to use. Their new Self Tanning Drops are no different; get a natural and healthy- looking tan within just a couple of hours. Our new Self Tanning Drops are designed to be blended with your everyday skincare for a natural and streak-free glow. The formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin hydrated after application. Ecooking’s Self Tanning Drops allows you to create your very own bespoke glow. Simply add as many or as few drops to your face or body lotion to create a custom blend.

The Vita Liberata pHenomenal Mousse in Dark leaves skin beautifully tanned, amazingly nourished, and healthy-looking for up to two to three weeks. The fast-absorbing lotion formula gives instant natural bronzing and develops to a deep, natural-looking tan. pHenO2 technology encourages a tan that lasts up to four times longer than regular tans with a patch-free, perfect fade while certified organic botanicals and moisture locking technology give 72-hour hydration. Odour Remove™ technology ensures no smell whatsoever while the included tan mitt ensure a fast, easy, streak-free application and natural-looking result.

This watermelon self tan mousse provides the skin with an instantly bronzed finish that gives the appearance of health and radiance effortlessly. Infused with super nourishing Vitamin E and Vitamin A, this self tanning solution not only imparts a divinely streak-free bronzed hue to the skin, but also cares, conditions and refreshes the skin with a sweet scent of watermelon. Watermelon Fake Tan Mousse is a Paraben and Alcohol free formula, that is ensured to add a deeper golden hue to the skin without appearing unnatural. With the inclusion of Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts, this effective product provides a flawless tan with a sumptuous scent, whilst simultaneously soothing and rejuvenating the skin, securing an impeccable finish.

First rule of fake tanning, prep your skin! This double-sided, luxury exfoliating mitt from SOSU by Suzanne Jackson is the perfect accessory to prepare your skin before home tanning. It buffs your skin to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and smooth. The built-in thumb feature allows for easier movement over the body.

Use this every day. It will make you feel soft and silky, and a little bit special. Pasty skin will be a thing of the past. Over days your body will feel loved while gradually building a golden tan.

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Feature image: The Independent

Edited 01/09/2020