Don’t want to tackle the hustle and bustle of our busy stores? Head to our stand-alone perfume bars instead.

What’s a Sniff Bar? I hear you say. Well, read on because they’re the brand new way to shop with The Fragrance Shop.

What is a Sniff Bar?

A Sniff Bar is our brand-new stand alone perfume bars, located around shopping centres and train stations that allow you to try out and shop the latest fragrances while you’re on the go.

How does it work?


Come and say hello while you get the chance to sniff a range of our fantastic designer perfumes. Our fragrance experts will offer you professional advice on what kind of fragrances will suit you, or whoever you may be buying for, best. Make the most of this personal experience and leave knowing you’ve chosen the perfect scent.


Once you’ve had a sniff around, tried a few different scents and ultimately selected the one you want, we will order it for you there and then. Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to around and chat to our experts, you can scan the product specific QR code using your smart phone and order it on the go! 21st century shopping at it’s finest.


Once your chosen fragrance has been purchased, we’ll give you a sample to take home. In the mean time, we’ll pack it up and get it ready to be posted to wherever you like, for whenever you like and completely free of charge.

Once you have chosen your desired scent, you will be guided through the next steps of your purchase. If you’ve got a little time to indulge, we will order your carefully selected scent for you and offer our range of delivery options for you to choose from. Whether you want it delivered straight to someone special or if you want to show your new perfume off at the office, we’ll send it directly to your preferred location for whenever suits you best. This means, if you’re passing by on your way out for drinks and one of our sparkly fragrances catches your eye but you can’t think of anything worse than lugging your new, full 100ml bottle around all night, well, you don’t have to. You can head out and enjoy your drinks knowing that your brand-new scent will be arriving at your door in the morning.

If you’re already running late to your reservation and are short for time, all of our perfumes will have a QR code which allows you to scan the product using just the camera on your smartphone. This will take you straight to the product page on our website where you can order for yourself at complete ease and while on the go. So once you’ve sat down and got your favourite tipple, you can finish your order. Wonderful.

Finally, we mentioned *that* sample (everyone loves a sample). Upon purchasing, our fragrance experts will provide you with a Sniff Bar envelope which will enclose the details of your perfume and a sample of it to see you through until it arrives. This means you can show off your brand new scent on your night out, before you’ve even got it.

What more could you possibly want? It really is as simple as Sniff, Choose, Deliver – and we do all of the hard work for you.

Current Sniff Bar locations: Merry Hill and Manchester Arndale.