Wear the best fragrance tomorrow for #NationalPicnicDay

The weather is finally getting warmer and summer is on the horizon, so if #NationalPicnicDay wasn’t a good enough reason to go and eat outside, the sunshine definitely is.

Everybody loves a picnic; there is something so exciting about grabbing an old blanket, shoving as much delicious food and drink into a basket as you can, and heading out in the sun to a field to sit and devour the feast you’ve packed. It’s fantastic, especially when the sun is out and you’re with your friends or loved ones. So you’ve got the outfit (photo-op ready, of course), you’ve got the food, but what perfume are you going to wear?

When the weather’s warm, you’re going to want a fresher, cooler scent to accompany the heat. We’ve put together a list of our favourite perfumes for women and aftershaves for men that will […]

This limited edition Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine does what it says on the tin. It’s fresh, it’s floral, it’s basically summer in a bottle. The strawberry notes leave a sweet trail that will leave you feeling refreshed and will be a great contrast against the warm sun. Definitely one of our favourites!

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani is inspired by the fresh sea, the warm sun and the richness of the earth. It’s a light Eau de Toilette which subtly hints at spring. It’s refreshing, it’s crisp and it’s masculine, the perfect addition to your picnic basket.

“Floral’s for spring… groundbreaking.” Well, Miranda Priestly, this time, it is. Think fresh notes of ginger, bergamot and rose. FlowerByKenzo Eau de Vie is punchy, zesty and eau so fresh. You’ll never want to leave it at home and the floral bottle will you too cute with your picnic blanket. A must have for #NationalPicnicDay.

Yves Saint Laurent Y men’s aftershave is a tangy explosion of citrus notes. A cool scent for a hot day. Your favourite accomplice to scotch eggs and sandwiches. Your scent will impress and linger with mysterious notes of Tonka bean.

Does the idea of taking a whole bottle of perfume with you sound a little heavy? Yeah, us too. That’s why we will be taking our Twist & Spritz on our picnics. If you don’t know already, Twist & Spritz’s are the best travel atomisers that fit in any bag and can be carried around with you at all times. You can refill them yourself with whatever fragrance you fancy taking with you. Once you have one, you’ll never want to leave the house with out it again, trust us.

We hope you’ll be joining us in the great outdoors for #NationalPicnicDay and we hope that you take your fave’ fragrance with you. Let us know what your spring fragrance of choice is in our comments!

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