Mild spoilers ahead.

If you haven’t seen it by now, like, really? What have you been doing? We’ve done it, we’ve watched it, we’ve fallen in love with the characters and we’ve cried at it. We really cried at it. Then we’ve watched it again. Stranger Things 3 has taken the world by a heart-wrenching storm and we loved every second of it. So, why not turn it into beauty, right?

Image: Allure

One of the key elements to season 3 (okay, only a tiny spoiler) is El’s discovering of her own elaborate and unique, classic 80’s style. She enters the world of shopping an falls in love with it. Who can blame her? The the endless array of wildly brilliant and hysterically vibrant shirts with more extravagant patterns that we could even begin to dream of would have also been my dream as a mid-teen of the time. She ultimately fell head over heels in love with her new-found taste and as a viewer and devoted fan, it was heart-warming to see her be so true to herself and finally seem ‘normal’ after two seasons of such a sheltered life – much to Hopper’s discretion, we might add.

Another of the vital parts of this extraordinary season, is when Hopper calls Eleven his daughter (sorry, slightly bigger spoiler) and although they spend much of the season apart, their relationship is highlighted and brought to the limelight more than ever. The father-daughter connection that has stemmed from the previous is such a beautiful thing and we’re totally here for it.

A tribute to both Eleven’s brand-new fashion freedom has been made by @topknotnails on Instagram. She recreated her yellow and black aztec print shirt accompanied by Hopper’s Miami-style attire that they wore in the scenes towards the end of the season which makes the statement even more poignant. Sarah Kane who works for Finger Bang Portland nail salon explained to Allure that the design was important to her: “Hopper and El is my favourite relationship on the show. I think it’s because I am a step parent, and I deeply believe that parenting takes a village.”

Personally, this creation hit has hit us far too deep in the feels. A beautiful tribute and touching sentiment to one of the greatest on screen father-daughter duos of all times.

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Feature image: TopKnotNails via Allure