Your Sunday night recap of what’s gone on in the world over the previous week.

In such a fast-paced world full of click-bait and fake news, it can be hard to keep up with and on top of the real news. The news that’s worth reading about, whether its good or bad. Here at etc. we try to include at least one bullet point that is full of good news. We keep it short, sweet and snappy so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

  • This week a puppy with an extra tail on his face was rescued by Mac’s Mission – a dog rescue centre in Missouri. The viral images of 10-week-old Narwhal have stolen the hearts of the internet, with his full name being ‘Narwhal, the Little Magical Furry Unicorn’. Little Narwhal is completely adorable and it’s been confirmed that his extra tail does not wag as is doesn’t have any bones in. He has been given a clean bill of health and so is waiting to be taken to a loving home.
  • Labour pledges free broadband for all if they win the general election next month. The Labour Party have promised that all homes and businesses will have free full-fibre broadband by 2030. Other parties have scorned the plan, with the Prime Minister saying that it was a ‘crackpot plan’, and the Lib Dems have called it ‘another affordable item on the wish list’.
  • The test for the first non-stop commercial passenger directly from London to Sydney landed safely after 19 hours and 19 minutes. The passengers and crew were having tests done throughout the flight to record how they were affected being on a plane in the air for that amount of time. The Australian airline, Qantas, made the journey with just 40 people, including crew, on board and by the time it landed it still had 1 hour and 45 minutes worth of fuel left. To make the long-haul journey a regular trip, it needs to be signed off by Australia’s aviation regulator to then launch the flight by 2023.
  • Cities and towns all over the world have flooded after the rainfall this week. Venice has seen the highest water levels in 50 years with many tourist destinations inaccessible or ruined, while places here in the UK, towns in Sheffield and Doncaster have been hit hard by excessive amounts of water. It’s since been revealed that thousands of new homes are to be built in flood-prone places.
  • Students have been killed in a school-shooting in California. Two students, aged 16 and 14, have been killed when a gunman opened fire at a secondary school near Los Angeles, three others have been injured. The attacker, aged 16, also shot himself in the head and is now in critical condition in hospital. This marks the 85th school shooting in America in 2019, that figure includes those where there were no casualties.