Black Friday Shopping

Tips and tricks to make sure you get the best deals in the biggest sales of the year.

If you weren’t aware, this year Black Friday has landed directly on payday. So, it makes sense that a lot of us will be trying to get our Christmas shopping finished (or started – we’re not judging) in the sales. It’s a great idea to save on all your Christmas gifts, but you need to know how to be sharp with your tactics.

Black Friday Shopping

Preparation is key

He’s making a list and checking it twice, and you should be doing the same thing! Your Christmas shopping list needs to be thorough, with plan B’s and plan C’s. Sale shopping for gifts can be risky business, because once it’s gone, it’s gone, and if you don’t quite make it in time to get a certain product before it sells out, you don’t want to be left panicking. So, make sure everyone on your list has back up options, just in case.

Sign up to newsletters

Many retailers give you a ‘welcome discount’ when you sign up to their newsletters or create an account with them. That added discount could go a long way! Keep an eye out in case any retailers are encouraging sign-up’s with the promise of ‘early access’ to Black Friday sales.

Stick to a budget

We know sale shopping can all be very exciting, and it’s easy to get carried away. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy every fantastic deal you come across (sorry). Work out roughly how much money you need for everyone’s gifts (including the back ups!), and stick to that. You don’t want to break the bank unnecessarily this Christmas, plus, if you stick to your budget on gifts then there will be more to spend on Christmas food!