To celebrate National Fragrance Week, we caught up with Colin Minter, National Education & Events Manager at Shiseido, who talked us through the top trending fragrance ingredients for 2023, how they’re sourced and the best ways to wear them.  

Colin Minter, National Education & Events Manager at Shiseido

What are the top trending fragrance ingredients for 2023 and why? 

In the perfumery industry, we are constantly adapting to suit the wishes of our customers. Firstly, we see a desire for more intimate and unique fragrances in the market, which adapt on the skin to unlock a distant, pleasurable memory. Notes like Musk evoke a feeling of nostalgia and create a second skin comfort. 

Secondly, in 2023 we need to become more conscious in our creations. More than a trend, this is a must-have for the fragrance connoisseur! There is a huge shift in the use of vegan, natural and upcycled ingredients, including woods and florals, making beautiful scents with sustainability at the heart of the raw materials and packaging. 

Where do these ingredients come from and how are they typically sourced?

Traditional musk is an animal by-product, but we certainly do not use it in modern perfumery! These days, thanks to advanced technology and techniques, perfumers can perfectly recreate the sensuality of musk using synthetic materials to mimic the scent.

Natural ingredients are extracted in many ways, but the most typical for floral notes, including Rose and Jasmine, is by a process called solvent extraction. This technique involves placing the flowers in a large tank called the extractor. The flowers are then introduced to the solvent to capture as many olfactory compounds as possible. Once boiled, the solvent evaporates leaving the plants odor molecules, and we are left with nothing but a clear liquid called an absolute.

One of the most efficient ways of extracting oil from the bark and wood of trees is through steam distillation; a process which has been perfected to attain the purest extracts. Steam distillation involves subjecting the wood and bark of trees to heat. But by using upcycling, we can remove the need to harm our natural environment and instead use woods which were previously used for other purposes.

What other notes do they pair well with?

Musk is magical, blending with any fragrance while prolonging the trail. It also reveals itself on the skin like no other scent, lending itself to such unique variations for each person. It blends perfectly with woody and floral accords, including Tuberose, Jasmine and Cashmeran Woods.

Which Shiseido fragrances do these ingredients appear in?

At the origin of Narciso Rodriguez fragrances, there is a mysterious perfumed oil: Egyptian musk. It inspired the Musc that became the common thread in each of his creations, an irresistible second skin to express elegance and sensuality.  

The Narciso Rodriguez Heart of Musc is a unique olfactory signature that create timeless and sensual fragrances. Embracing the idea of fragrance wardrobing, for her PURE MUSC Eau de Parfum can be worn alone or combined with another for her scent to create your own unique essence! 

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Issey Miyake fragrances, including L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Magnolia and L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Cedre, encourage responsible sourcing of both packaging and formulas; using less materials and selecting more respectful ingredients. The Cedarwood they use is 100% natural using upcycled wood from a joinery via a sustainable supply chain.

Both fragrances are also vegan, use a natural origin alcohol and have unique 100% biodegradable wooden caps to eliminate the use of plastics! 

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