The change doesn’t have to be big.

When you think of autumn makeup, the first thing that comes to mind is dark bold lips and deep, burnt orange eyes. If you’re not into the heavy looks, then it doesn’t have to be this way. There are small changes you can make to your everyday makeup to add an autumnal touch to your look, a seasonal change, if you will. Simply heating up the shades a bit will make more of a difference than you’ll realise, a lovely nod to the falling leaves.

Warmer shades

It really doesn’t need to be anything too out-there. Just hints and touches of deeper colours will make a huge difference to your look and will reap in the compliments.

Blusher over bronzer

Unless you’re keeping your tan up for the cooler months (if you’re not, don’t worry – we can’t be bothered too!) then your bronzer needs to be popped away until next year. Grab a nice peachy shade of your favourite blusher to brush onto your cheeks. Rosy red is always in for autumn.

Add depth to your highlighter

Adhering to the warmer shades rule, rather than a harsh, bright highlighter.

Give your lips an autumn update

Nothing too drastic, a simple touch of a deeper colour to enhance that autumnal vibe.

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Feature image: N Magazine