Wanting to gift your loved one something extra special this year?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our fantastic selection of luxury perfumes for women and aftershaves for men is everything you need to add that little bit of sparkle to your gift this Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for your other half or just wanted to treat Mum to something a little more this time around, we’ve got luxury for everyone.

With its sensuous heart of patchouli, Tom Ford White Patchouli perfume for women is surrounded by sleek wood notes with luxurious elegant white flowers. This modern fragrance with retro-classic influence is a sophisticated interpretation of bohemian chic.

A resounding disruption for a fragrance of excess, the first to use a oud accord: it merges with myrrh and cistus to create a warm, intense and fascinating trail. Mandarin gives a top opening and delivers singular vibrancy, whereas a very potent patchouli wood facet provides depth and addictive tenacity. Resolutely contemporary, Oud Absolu aftershave for men has been enhanced with brilliant mineral freshness, revealing the full richness of expression of the oud accord.

Cartier’s fragrance for women La Panthère draws upon the nickname he gave his muse and lover Jeanne Toussaint. The fashion house itself also has strong ties with panthers, using it as a symbol for the brand. Representing independence, the fragrance is aimed at women who are strong yet graceful, with a rebellious streak.

Dolce&Gabbana Fragrance presents The One for Men eau de parfum, the new scent from the iconic world of The One. Offering a deeper fragrance experience, The One for Men eau de parfum is the true connoisseur’s choice. For the one who represents pure masculinity and sophistication, the scent is as striking and charismatic as he is. Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men eau de parfum offers a highly intense fragrance to appeal to the most magnetic individual.

J’adore Eau de Parfum is the ideal bouquet – finely crafted down to the last detail, like a custom-made flower. Essence of Ylang-Ylang from the Comoros unfurls its floral-fruity notes and instills a soft exotic touch. Damascus Rose, sophisticated and exuberant, then comes to warm the senses. Last but not least, a duo of Jasmines echo one another in a perfect embrace.

Vast, untethered, driven. Tom Ford Ombré Leather unisex fragrance for men and women is for the unbeatable. Freedom comes from within, the desert heart of the west wrapped in leather. It moves forward untethered, through the pristine, still air of wide-open space. Dust on wind, skin on skin, the Ombré Leather scent reveals itself like a landscape in layers, where stretches of rock transform into sunrise on the horizon.

The new fragrance Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori invites those who wear it to celebrate their true selves and the emotions they feel. Matching this expression, the perfume is deepened in a refined Eau de Parfum Intense. An imaginary garden redolent of flowers and plants in diverse types and colours, the original Gucci Bloom scent is the foundation of Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori. In the intensified take on this scent, the vibrant bouquet features new ingredients, including the rare and tenacious Velvety Orris, the root of Iris. The other new note, Damascena Rose is distilled from the most fragrant breed of rose, harvested in the early morning to give the powerful rendition of the flower. Instead of a classical pyramid construction of top, heart and base notes, the fragrance opens fully at once with noble and rare flowers: Jasmine Bud extract, Tuberose, Rangoon Creeper, Damascena Rose and Velvety Orris.

The new Dior Sauvage aftershave for men is a highly concentrated interpretation of the original Sauvage scent. The signature is brightened up with a zesty, spicy Mandarin and swirls of mellow Tonka Bean. Sri Lankan Sandalwood lingers with leathery, bitter yet sensual aromas. Exclusive Bergamot was chosen specifically for this fragrance, it was shaped by local producers and François Demachy. This Bergamot is the epitome of juicy freshness, soaked in Calabrian sun, it’s fruitiness exceeds all limits and develops a unique, peppery facet. New to Sauvage Parfums, it welcomes a plump, Mandarin note that provides a fruitier, rounder element.

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Feature image: Fragrantica