Treat Your Feet For National Feet Week

It’s time to treat your feet… The unwritten rule of self-care? Don’t forget and neglect your feet!

Twice weekly face masks and body scrubs are the norm by now but too many let their feet bear the brunt of their beauty routines, maybe giving them a quick moisturise and go at best. If this is you – listen, we’re only human! – then National Feet Week is here to guide you to the wonderful world of fresher feet.

We know all too well that the idea of peeling feet gives some people the ick but the final results are worth every gross second. Let us explain the cheat codes to gorgeously smooth feet so you can get there in a few easy steps that even the biggest foot-phobes can survive…

Do foot peels really work?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Every time… and they’ll change your life.

Whether your feet have been neglected forever or just a while, it’s best to start your journey with an intensive foot peel to rid of any dead skin and start afresh.

Peel masks are usually made up of several natural plant botanical extracts, which combine to exfoliate rough and hardened skin to revitalise and soften your feet. Always read the instructions when using an at-home foot peel, as the length of time can vary depending on the intensity.

Generally, you will apply a foot peel mask bootie or sock to clean, washed feet then leave on for 60-90 minutes before removing and rinsing your feet. Don’t expect your feet to be magically soft right away, though – the dead skin will gradually peel away over 7 days. The glamour!

Beauty Pro | Foot & Callus Peel 40g | £7.95
Kocostar | Foot Peeling Pack | £7.00

How often can you use foot masks?

Foot peels should not be used too often to ensure your skin doesn’t become too sensitive, though it’s safely recommended to use them every two months to keep them in check.

As for regular ‘ole nourishing, hydrating and deliciously refreshing 20-minute foot masks? Oh honey, make it a weekly habit. It’s super important to take consistent care of your feet between more intensive treatments by using masks with moisturising properties to keep them soothed and smooth.

The price depends on the ingredients, however even masks with richer properties like Beauty Pro’s collagen-infused Foot Therapy Bootie costs less than £5. You won’t regret it!

OH K! | Reviving Foot Mask | £8.50
Beauty Pro | Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Bootie – 17g | £4.95

Should I be using a foot scrub?

Let’s think of your feet like your face for a second. Why are we told to exfoliate three times a week? To unblock and clean our pores, to prevent blackheads and remove any dead skin cells. Much like our faces (and the rest of our bodies), our feet similarly need a tougher scrub to stay fresh.

By using a foot scrub twice a week, you’ll quickly feel your feet soften and find any nasty calluses are kept away. Again, consistency is key, and the more you use foot scrubs and masks then the less you’ll have to worry about peels or filing your feet (truly the worst).

You don’t have to splurge on specific foot scrubs either! Save your coins for another day and simply treat your feet using your go-to body scrub, like one of our favourites by Urban Veda or SOSU by Suzanne Jackson.

Urban Veda | Purifying Body Scrub 200ml | £9.99
SOSU by Suzanne Jackson – Dripping Gold Body Scrub | £11.50

Do I need foot cream or body lotion?

One day you think foot creams are exclusively for your grandma then bam! You realise she was the only one doing it right and you should have listened sooner.

Given that the skin on our feet naturally tends to roughen more than the rest of our bodies simply by moving around a lot, foot creams do tend to be incredibly nourishing. So, if you’re the kind to get calluses often then it’s probably worthwhile investing in a lotion that specifically targets those dry issues, like Deborah Lippmann’s Steppin Out Foot Crème or Dr Hauschka’s Hydrating Foot Cream.

However, body lotions also do the trick. Hello! They’re body lotions… that includes the feet. Body lotions are generally thicker than face moisturisers as the rest of the body is 1) less sensitive, and 2) dries quickly over the course of the day.

This means they are frequently enriched with deeply nourishing properties and oils like coconut, rosehip, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. Long-lasting hydration and calming ingredients are the key to healthy feet, which makes many body lotions perfect for them.

Deborah Lippmann | Steppin Out Foot Crème 147g | £25.00
Dr Hauschka | Hydrating Foot Cream 75ml | £17.00
Dr Bronner | Peppermint Organic Lotion 236ml | £10.99
Dr Botanicals | Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Hydrating Body Lotion – 200ml | £16.00

Don’t forget about your toes, now!

It’d be a real shame to do all that hard work smoothing your feet into unthinkable levels of beauty to leave your toe nails behind.

Don’t worry, we’ve got them covered. The masterminds over at Beauty LONDON created an all-in-one nail treatment to repair your nails and get them looking cute.

The Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturiser 11ml, £15.00) locks in moisture to strengthen the nails over time while giving them a natural glow. Seriously, tinted moisturisers for nails? We love to see it!

Now what are you waiting for? Go and treat those feet!