Need last minute Valentine’s date inspiration? Look no further.

If Valentine’s isn’t really your thing or you’ve simply left it too late to book anything, do not panic. These Valentine’s date ideas don’t need any pre-booking and very little pre-planning, (unless you want to put extra effort into a film set for the night or your pub crawl route). These can be planned on the day and will be fun for both of you to do together. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, simply enjoying each others company in the comfort of your own home is enough to warm our hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Have a movie night

If you’ve got a list as long as both of your arms put together full of films you want to watch, you’re probably not the only ones. You don’t need to spend lots on a fancy dinner date when you have a fridge-full of snacks and Netflix. Get into your comfiest clothes, bring the duvet to the front room and watch as many films as you can.

Cook a romantic meal together

If your daily routine involves one of you cooking and the other cleaning in the midst of a busy evening, it could be fun to cook a meal together. Whether it’s a three course meal or a picnic dinner, you could end up learning new skills while having fun and sharing the task. Choose your favourite foods and use your imagination to make it your own, personal recipe between the two of you.

Go on a pub crawl

If your favourite thing to do together is have a drink then why not make a day of it. Plan a route around town and visit new pubs, old pubs, all your favourite pubs and have one drink at each. You might discover your new favourite local, even if you encounter some questionable places along the way you’ll have some stories to tell for next time!

Go for a drink in your favourite bar

Is there one place you both love to go to, but don’t go as often as you’d like? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to make that date! You can reminisce about the times you’ve had here before and plan to make new memories.

Take a country walk to a pub

Fresh air, time together and a drink at a proper country pub? What more could you possibly want? It doesn’t cost anything to go for a country walk and the fresh air will be good for you both. A pit stop at a pub is essential, you have to warm those toes up some how, right?

Have a horizontal day

Breakfast in bed. Netflix in bed. Wine in bed. Spend the whole day in bed. If you fancy it, you have absolutely no reason to get up and dressed, and we definitely won’t be judging you. Sometimes there’s nothing better than doing nothing with your other half, you know what they say… those who can be bored together, stay together.

Feature: Express and Star