On Friday’s, we wear pink.

Every year for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Wear It Pink plan to bring thousands of people together to wear pink (as much pink as you possibly can) in order to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Their website features loads of ideas on how to fundraise at work, school or in your community. Suggestions were activities like donating money to wear pink instead of usual work-wear or school uniform; bake pink cakes and other treats and sell them in the office kitchen; hold a pink themed raffle sale or an ‘office quiz’ in the same way that pub quizzes are ran and charge people to enter their team. There are so many ways to raise money, whether you’re wearing pink or not.

Wear it Pink Day 2019 is taking place on the 18th October. Whether you’re organising a Wear it Pink event or taking part in one, here are a range of our favourite Pink products to ensure that you make the most of your fundraising and go all out in pink and can prep now!

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