…Or something borrowed or blue? For National Wedding Month, we’re here to investigate whether choosing a new scent for your big day is the thing to do, or do you stick to what you know?

While perfume may not be at the top of your wedding to-do list, it’s definitely something that shouldn’t be left until last minute. What you wear on your big day will remind you of it forever. Fragrances have a funny way of bringing back memories, so whatever you wear needs to be something special. While you’re probably worrying about dresses and decorations, spare a thought to think about whether you’ll be purchasing a brand new scent to wear, or if you’ll wear a current favourite?

Perfume expert, Fiona Cooke from Perfume Notes told Her that choosing a new fragrance for your big day will have a long-lasting affect.

“As a general rule, go with something new. Scent is connected to your limbic brain, so it creates a ‘smell memory’ in your brain that can last forever – so that is why you can smell something five months or five years later, and it will immediately give you a jolt of a memory to that time, place or experience.”

Cooke explained that this specific scent should then be put away and bought out only for special occasions.

“Create a special scent memory by finding a new perfume you love, wear it on that special day, and put it away in a dark box in a cupboard. Every time you take it out (wedding anniversary or a nice occasion), you will be pleasantly surprised at all the memories that come flooding back.”

So, how do you find that perfect perfume? First of all, if you haven’t already, get your head around perfume notes. Try and stick to notes that you already know you use and love rather than risking it with something totally different. Different notes last longer depending on what stage of the fragrance they’re in, so you need to make sure that whatever make up the base notes are something that you can work with – they’ll be what last all day. For a longer lasting scent, ensure you buy an Eau de Parfum instead of an Eau de Toilette, it will be stronger and will see you right through to the end of the party.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a new scent especially for your big day, these are our favourite wedding day perfumes to ensure your day is as special as it can be. Why not make your chosen fragrance even more memorable by personalising it using The Fragrance Shop’s engraving service.

Feature image by Monfocus from Pixabay