Your weekly news update in 5.

  • Coronavirus cases in UK rises to 19 as someone in Wales has been diagnosed after returning from a trip to Italy. Boris Johnson as arranged an ’emergency meeting’ for next week. However, on Friday, a British man who was quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan has died. He is the sixth person to have died of the hundreds of passengers on the ship that were diagnosed with Covid-9.
  • Storm Jorge expected to bring more floods to the UK. Yellow weather warnings have been in place on Friday as the weather is expected to continue to worsen over the weekend. The south west and north west of England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been suspected to be worse hit.
  • Gret Thunberg visited Bristol for the Youth Strike 4 Climate on Friday. Speaking to the 20,000 people who turned up to support her, the 17-yea-old activist said, “Once again, they sweep their mess under the rug for us – young people, their children – to clean up for them.We must continue and we have to be patient. Remember that the changes required will not happen overnight.”
  • A new venue to be built in Manchester will be the UK’s biggest indoor arena. The venue is set to be built on waste land by the Etihad Stadium and will have a capacity of 23,500 people. If successful, the venue could take three years to build and would be open in 2023 and the process could create 3,500 jobs. 1,000 people would then be hired to work at the arena once it’s been built.
  • The leap year happened! Yesterday was the 2020 leap year, being the 29th February. Another leap year will not happen until 2024.

Image of the week:

German surfer, Sebastian Steudtner rides a wave during a tow surfing session at Praia do Norte in Portugal.

Image: Armando Franca/AP via The Guardian