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Westlab has become the UK’s number one bath salts brand in just a few years thanks to its purposeful blends of all-natural, impactful ingredients that help de-stress us physically and mentally.

Westlab’s range of vegan and cruelty-free products continue to demystify the natural world of bath salts to make every day a spa day. Each product has been crafted carefully to target specific areas and problems, offering natural solutions to physical tension and strain. As April is Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to put Westlab bath salts to the test and try out the Mindful and Sleep bath salts to see how well they really work.

While baths may be synonymous with self-care Sunday rituals, your average bubble bath set up with some candles won’t calm you long-term without Westlab bath salts. Penny Hamilton, Co-founder of Westlab, told us: “I think what we offer that isn’t so readily available is that we have products that actively work to calm and relax mind and body. Taking a bath is lovely in itself, but what our product is then going to do your body will have a more lasting effect.”

Not sure what bath salts are? Well, Westlab’s range of bath salts soothe and nourish your body with essential natural minerals such as Magnesium that will relieve your body of tension, untangle the knots you don’t even know are there, and generally de-stress you.

Westlab has built on its hero bath salts (sourced from around the globe from the Dead Sea to the Himalayan mountains) – Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Magnesium Flakes – with several combinations of bath salts crafted carefully to relax and de-stress us.

As for Sleep, we see Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Mineral Salt brought together with the fragrant mix of Lavender, Jasmine and Valerian (commonly used to help with insomnia). Created to relax you into a peaceful state that will invite a restorative night’s sleep, the 100% natural formula is aromatic bliss, thanks to its floral notes. Does it actually work, though? In all honesty, we think it really does.

Along with 80% of Westlab’s own respondents, we found that after using the Sleep Bath Salts – at night, of course (not one for any morning bathers) – did actually help us have a better night’s sleep. Not only this but it made that indulgent moment of an evening bath feel even more luxurious because of the Dead Sea Salt, which naturally softens and nourishes the skin.

Both the Mindful and Sleep bath salts have Magnesium at their core, which is the ultimate relaxer of the mind and body. “Whether it’s from a skincare point of view or general wellbeing, Magnesium is key when it comes to reducing stress,” Penny says. “It’s such an important mineral for the body in terms of calming down the nervous system and supporting the muscles. It’s essential for relaxation.”

It’s more than likely you have already heard about Westlab by now. With its high quality ingredients, now-recycled packaging and affordable price point, the brand has made the physical and mental benefits of bath salts accessible to all. However, if you haven’t yet given yourself the Mindful or Sleep experience then we cannot recommend either of them enough.

For the best Westlab bath, put half a kilo (half a bag) at the bottom of your bath to let the water be enriched by the minerals. Then? Lie back and let the salts do the rest for you.

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