Every Father’s Day gift guide seems to promote the same six items but is that what your dad really wants?

We’re on a mission to make 2022 the best Father’s Day yet, so we asked around the office to discover what gifts people are hoping for this year.

Bhavin, Head of Retail Operations

“I usually get a box of chocolates every year but everyone wants a few so they’re all gone in 15 minutes! I’d love a bottle of Burberry Weekend this year, it would be all for me and would last much longer.”

Burberry | Weekend EDT 100ml | £25.00

Ryan, Head of Digital Marketing

“The first ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug was sweet but now I have too many to fit in the cupboard. What I’d really like is another bottle of Nuit D’issey. I just finished my first and I loved it!”

Issey Miyake | Nuit D’issey EDT | £25.00

Umar, Senior Finance Manager

“I’ve got so many golf balls and clubs, I’m running out of storage space. I’ve seen good reviews for Montblanc Explorer and it’ll take up much less space!”

Montblanc | Explorer EDP 100ml | £65.00

Eddy, Warehouse Supervisor

“I like a good brew but how many coffee beans does one man need? This year I’m asking for FCUK Friction Men’s.”

FCUK | Friction Men’s EDT 150ml | £15.00

What will you get your dad this Father’s Day? Which fragrance would suit his style? Let us know in the comments below!