We’ve all heard the good old ‘day to night’ suggestion: “Just throw a pair of heels and red lippy on and you’ll be ready to party!” Okay, but what about perfume?

It’s true, taking an outfit from day to night (or office to bar) doesn’t have to be hard. Glam-ing up an originally casual outfit is actually pretty easy to do; we change our shoes, take our hair down, add some highlighter and fancy lipstick and ta-da! We’ve transformed ourselves from office chic to disco ready in a matter of minutes. With summer nights on the horizon, last-minute plans for a post-work drink in the sunshine are inevitable. When it comes to freshening up, we spritz ourselves to add that ‘I’ve-actually-been-home-and-showered’ sense of brightness. So what fragrance do we use?

Is there such thing as a single day-to-night scent? Or should we have two specific fragrances, one for daytime and one to take you into the night? Well, you can do either. Here’s how:

If you want one scent that will take you from your desk to drinks with the girls, you need one that is as versatile as the earrings you plan on wearing all day. Something that isn’t too overpowering for a day at work but is noticeable enough to head out in later. Chanel’s Gabrielle Chanel Eau de Parfum is a luminous composition that is perfect for this. A sophisticated scent that is elegantly professional and radiant enough to sparkle throughout the night. For the men out there, Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum is the one for you. The powerful freshness of this scent will last you all day while the new sensual and mysterious facets will swiftly see you through the night.

If you plan on wearing one during the day and want to shake things up for the nighttime, you need to master fragrance notes. You’ll essentially be layering perfume over the leftovers of what you sprayed this morning, so you need to ensure that the notes flow. For example, if you wear Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb for a light and floral day scent, you could top that up with Dior Miss Dior as they both have dry-downs that feature patchouli and musk.

Likewise, wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Le Mâle as your daily scent can be followed by Dior Fahrenheit Eau de Toilette. They both feature prominent notes of Cedar and Sandalwood, which will nicely blend together when you switch them up.

For the perfect on-the-go spritzing, you need to get yourself a Twist & Spritz. Fill up your personable, portable atomiser with whatever you want, pop it in your bag and use it throughout the day (or night). It can be a pain carrying around bottles of fragrance, especially if you have 100ml sizes. That’s why Twist & Spritz is perfect to take to work with you for regular top-ups. They come in all different colours so you can even match whatever you’re wearing, and their small 8ml size ensures they fit in any bag you’re taking out with you.

Who knew there were such simple rules to make day-to-night scents work like a charm? They’re super easy to follow once you get to grips with your notes and fragrance families. Take the information with you and your friends will know you’re a pro when it comes to perfumery, and you’ll always be left smelling wonderful.