Since its very first episode, HBO’s Euphoria has wowed audiences with spectacular makeup looks and a wardrobe that’s simply out of this world.

Since no outfit is complete without a spritz of fragrance, we’ve found a signature scent for all of your favourite characters. Don’t worry about having to pick just one, you can try all of them out for under £100 with scentaddict!

What’s scentaddict?

scentaddict is a perfume subscription service that delivers a brand new fragrance to your door every month! For just £12 a month, you’ll receive an 8ml sample (that’s enough for three sprays a day for thirty days) along with a travel-sized atomizer so you can take your new scent wherever you go. They also include a £12 voucher for a full-sized bottle so you can settle down whenever you like. Flexible and affordable, it’s the ideal way to build up your scent wardrobe.

JulesJuicy Couture | Oui Juicy Couture

Fun, girly, with a deeper side, for Jules it just had to be Oui Juicy Couture. Beginning with an uplifting fusion of watermelon and lemon, it dries down to a heady heart of jasmine and tuberose. The base of spicy woods, sensual musk and warm amber make this fragrance perfect for day and night.

RueCalvin Klein | CKIN2U

Rue isn’t one for flashy outfits or dramatic makeup, so we think her fragrance would be fresh and understated. CK IN2U is a modern Eau de toilette with fruity top notes of bergamot and grapefruit and a warm, woody base of cedarwood, amber and vanilla bean.

MaddieBritney Spears | Midnight Fantasy

We can definitely see Little Maddie dousing herself in fragrance before competing in beauty pageants. We also think she’s the type to stick to a signature fragrance, to make her presence known as soon as she enters the room. Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy has rich plum and black cherry with freesia, velvet and seductive musk.

CassieAriana Grande | Cloud

While Cassie will buy ANYTHING Ariana Grande puts out, Cloud is her favourite scent. Lavender, coconut and dreamy vanilla come together in this sweet and sensual parfum. Plus, it’s a great affordable dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540. 

KatYu Parfums | Ubud Retreat

Being a fanfic writer, we have a feeling that Kat would be into niche fragrances that tell a story. Yu Parfum’s Chapter I is a spicy, floral scent that embodies powerful femininity. Fiery notes of peppercorn and ginger blend with soft extracts of jasmine and mimosa blossom. The base of cashmere woods and silky amber create a truly luxurious scent.

BarbraMissguided | Babe Vibes

Fact: Barbra has a beat-up bottle of fragrance rolling around in the bottom of her bag at all times. She’s had it for ages, constantly uses it, and yet it never seems to run out. Babe Vibes by Missguided is the signature scent of the charismatic party girl. Pistachio, orange blossom, and magnolia sits on a base of patchouli and creamy sandalwood.

Lexi Juilette Has A Gun | Miss Charming

Lexi asked for Miss Charming for Christmas and rations it VERY carefully until her birthday, when she can get a new bottle. This fragrance balances classic notes of rose with vibrant, juicy strawberry and lychee. The animalistic base of musk adds that je ne sais quoi that she (and Fez) can’t get enough of.

Gia – Marc Jacobs | Daisy Eau So Fresh

Daisy Eau So Fresh is the quintessential fragrance for the youthful, and the young at heart. We’ve chosen this uplifting bouquet of apple blossom, raspberry and violet both because it would appeal to thirteen year old Gia and because we desperately want to manifest some happiness for her. Seriously, can we send her something extra? A Cartier bracelet? A therapist, maybe?