Over the years, Tangle Teezer has created an extensive range of detangling and styling brushes, but what are they used for? And which routine best fits your hair type?

Curly Girl Routine – Wet Detangling Brush

Thick, curly hair requires a lot of hydration, so we recommend using a leave-in conditioner and spreading it evenly through your hair with the Wet Detangling Brush. Check out our curly routine to find out what to do next.

Fighting Hair Loss & A Flakey Scalp – Scalp Exfoliator & Massager

Scalp exfoliation is great for reducing dead skin cells and product build-up. Regular exfoliation also stimulates hair growth and can help reduce future hair loss. We recommend exfoliating every one to two weeks by gently rubbing it onto your scalp in small, circular motions.

90’s Blow Out – Easy Dry & Go Vented Brush

Blow outs are back! If you want smooth, voluminous tresses we recommend the Easy Dry & Go Vented Brush. Unlike other brushes, this one doesn’t need to be held against the hot hairdryer, causing unnecessary heat damage and tension. Blow dry your hair upside down, while brushing it out. Remember to keep a safe distance between the dryer and your brush!

Soft & Gentle – Fine and Fragile Detangling Brush

Whether you’ve gone a little too far with bleach, or your hair is just naturally delicate, the small teeth in this brush will give it the TLC it needs. Remember to brush gently, starting at the bottom and steadily working upwards.

Which hair type do you have? Which brush would you use? Let us know in the comments below!