Try a new perfume every month for just £12. Here’s why you need scentaddict.

We all know the struggle. Savouring the last few spritzes of your favourite perfume while trying to decide which one to buy next so that you don’t have a perfume-less gap between two. Fragrance is a personal thing. It makes your brand, your identity. So, shopping for a new scent can be hard. You want to trial one before you commit to it, but there are only so many mini, free samples that you can scrounge from that same shop assistant who has definitely sussed your game. It can get complicated and it can get very expensive, and this is why we love scentaddict.

For just £12 per month you can try different fragrances of your choice for every month that you choose to remain as a member. All you have to do is sign up and join, select up to 12 monthly scents, and we’ll send you a free luxury atomiser with your first order and a refillable scent every month afterwards. You can switch up your chosen scents whenever you like, as many times as you need and you can cancel your subscription at any time, hassle-free. It really is as simple as that.

So, why should you sign up? Well, what’s £12 in a month? It’s on average, the equivalent to four Starbucks coffees. It’s the same as two G&T’s on your next night out (who needs the hangover anyway?) or what you’d pay for one Nando’s meal. Not much, right? If you swap just one meal out for scentaddict, you could try a new fragrance every month instead. It’s fun, it’s super easy to do and you may well find your signature scent for life. Don’t forget, you can redeem your £12 membership fee on a full-size* bottle of one of your chosen fragrances, need we say more?

Signing up and joining scentaddict couldn’t be easier. Simply create an account, add as many as 12 fragrances at a time to your membership wish list, checkout and wait for us to deliver straight to your door. Remember to keep the atomiser that will arrive with your first order and look forward to your monthly deliveries. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

So, that’s scentaddict in a nutshell. It truly is the easiest, cheapest and most fun way to try out new perfumes and aftershaves. It’s the membership you didn’t know you needed, but you’ll never want to be without it again – trust us. Sign up today to start your scentaddict journey and find your fragrance for life.