It will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Shopping for Christmas presents can be a difficult, lengthy task. Whether you’re buying for someone for the first time and want to impress them, or if you’re sick of wrapping up socks and candles (not that we have anything against socks and candles) and want to give something truly special this year, it isn’t always straightforward.

We know that it doesn’t have to be like that. When you give the gift of fragrance you will be ticking all the boxes. Here’s why…

It’s personal

When you gift someone a scent, you’re giving them something that you think represents them. It’s something unique that you feel and that is shown through the choice of scent that you give. Scent is a very evocative sense, and the likelihood is that long after this bottle of fragrance runs out, if they ever get a hint of the particular scent they will remember that time you gifted it to them. The lasting impression it leaves means you have to think a little more carefully before buying it, which makes it really personal.

You can make it even more personal

We offer free engraving services on select products when you order online. This means that your already thoughtful gift will be made even more special with whatever message you choose to engrave. It will certainly make them never want to throw the bottle away, a scent doesn’t last forever but this bottle certainly can.

It’s not too hard to choose

The amount of perfumes and aftershaves available to us can be a little overwhelming, we admit. But, if you do a little bit of research beforehand you’ll easily pick the right one. Find out what fragrances they already wear and like, then find out what notes are in them and look for something similar. If you don’t know that, try to pick out other personality traits, for example, do they go out partying a lot? Do they like to go on beach holidays or weekend breaks? Would they prefer a glass of rosé over a whiskey night cap? Think of as many nitty-gritty details as you can and write them down, take them shopping with you and talk to one of The Fragrance Shop’s in-store fragrance experts. They’ll help you find the perfect gift for your loved one.

It leaves a lasting impression

Quite literally, too. They will think of you whenever they spray their new scent, and for the duration that the bottle lasts them, that will remind them of you too. Plus, if you did a really good job at choosing the perfect fragrance, it might be one that they go back to again and again once they finish that first bottle, a true gift for life.

We know what whoever you’re shopping for this Christmas will love the gift of fragrance.

Feature image: Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels