If there’s such thing as a winter-warming fragrance, it’s one of these.

You may or may not have heard of Oud as an ingredient and note in fragrances. You’ll probably hear it when describing woody scents, and while they may not sound like the most appealing type of fragrance, woody notes are actually incredibly popular in men’s aftershaves. Warming, deep and a little bit spicy, oud scents, for both men and women, make the perfect, cosy winter fragrance.

What is oud?

Typically part of the men’s fragrance families, Oud comes from the tropical Agar tree. This particular tree species can be found in the Middle East and is thought to have derived from the Assam region of India. When wood chips off the tree, it’s burned and used as a form of incense due to it’s warming scent.

When the wood from this tree is infected with a type of parasitic mould called Phialaphora parasitica, it produces a deep and fragrant resin. This is what makes the oud ingredient that is included in fragrances. This oud is also known as agarwood, oudh, aloeswood, eaglewood or agalocha. The ingredient itself is incredibly rare due to the fact that the scent is only triggered by mould, it’s estimated that only 2% of these trees end up producing it. This is what results in oud scents being some of the most expensive out there.

Why does it make a good winter fragrance?

If any fragrance can be cosy, it’s one that is based around oud. The warming scent that it gives off holds a lot of depth and naturally lingers on the skin, it also has the ability to to hold other scents in place which makes all combining notes last well too. Unlike other typical ingredients in contemporary fragrances, oud stands out above the rest. It’s rich, animalic and combined with slightly spicy or floral notes, will make the ultimate winter fragrance.

It’s not just for men, either. Many women love to wear the men’s oud scents so much so, that they might be classed as unisex. Although women’s oud perfumes lack in existence, there’s nothing to stop you thoroughly enjoying one of the many sensual men’s scents out there.

Our favourite oud scents..

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