Make the most depressing Monday of the year a little easier.

What is the one thing that we do when we feel bad? Soak in a relaxing bath.

Long day at work? Bath. Hungover? Bath. Aching from a workout? Bath. Feeling sad? Bath. Tired and rundown? Bath. Literally anything that could possibly make us feel even slightly unsatisfied with how life is going? Run. A. Bath.

It all sounds very cliché, but there’s more to a bath than the picture we carefully pose our bathroom for on Instagram. It’s a time to unwind, switch off from technology, reflect on our day and not think about anything but the bubbles that are hugging you and the flicker of your favourite candle. Taking time away from your phone screen and social media will do you wonders, so if things get tough this Blue Monday, grab your bath oils and selection of candles, slide into the bath and forget the world for half an hour or so (or until your water goes cold and fingers go wrinkly).

We’ve selected our favourite bath-time products for you to indulge in.

Face, body, hair—food, dishes, mopping, pets—the best for human, home and Earth! Scented with pure lavender and lavandin oils to calm the mind and soothe the body! Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Lavender Liquid Soap is concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective. Made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients, packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle. All-One!

Pink for Feeling – comfort with the tender scent of Rose.
Pink for Action –sparkle using this silky balm laced with the subtle glow of Rose Quartz and the conditioning power of Passion Flower Seed Oil. Pore reducing Rosehip Seed Oil hydrates and protects.
Pink for Pleasure –Destress with Arctic Rose to increase endorphin levels, stimulate the skin’s wellness and relaxation to improve the mood. Purify skin with soft Pink Clay. Natural. Ethical. Joyful.

Refreshing cleansing bar for face, body and hands. This bar cleanses, hydrates and nourishes the skin with an uplifting Amber aroma.

A re-activating oil serum. A concentrated serum that deeply restores the smoothness and radiance of the skin by stimulating cellular regeneration and deeply hydrates the skin. Protects against free radicals with a combination of nourishing, calming and protecting natural oils, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, and the natural antioxidant Vitamin E. The scent is naturally fresh with cucumber, lemon and birch. 99,9% natural origin, 75% organic ingredients.

The distillation of essential oils is at the heart of L’OCCITANE. A process that captures the highest concentration of a plant’s benefits, it was many years ago in Provence that our Founder, Olivier Baussan, first distilled rosemary and lavender. Our Aromachology collection combines essential oils to offer effective and fragrant hair care to suit every need. Enjoy a feeling of well-being and relaxation with this Aromachology Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel, enriched with lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium essential oils. Its aromatic fragrance and luxurious lather help ease away stress and leave the skin silky clean and softly scented.

Indigo for Feeling – Calm the mind and body with the relaxing scent of Oud.

Indigo for Action – Relax, with a warm massage oil enriched with Sapphires and softening, intensely moisturising and repairing Wild Mango Butter. Nourish with nutrient rich Coconut Oil.

Indigo for Pleasure – Promote tranquillity with the sensorial, skin-smoothing and protective properties of Soybean Oil; calm and soothe with Beeswax. Natural. Ethical. Joyful.

Indulge in a moment of relaxation with our Relax Body Oil which works to leave the skin looking and feeling silky smooth. Infused with Vetivert, Camomile and Ylang Ylang, this luxurious natural body oil is easily absorbed into the skin whilst also calming your body and mind to prepare you for a comforting and peaceful night sleep.

All prices are correct as of date published.

Feature image: Burst from Pexels