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BaByliss BaByliss Boutique Salon Ceramic Rollers

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<p>The Boutique Salon Ceramic Rollers create long-lasting curls, waves and dramatic volume for that salon look at home. The dual source heating system quickly forms the curl to give beautiful, long-lasting results with specially contoured heated clips for fast results and a flawless finish.</p> <h3>How to Use</h3> <ol><li>For best results, use the heated rollers on dry hair</li> <li>Place the roller set on a level, heatproof surface</li> <li>Do not open the lid at this time</li> <li>Turn the roller set on by switching the I/0 button on the back of the unit to the I position</li> <li>One roller has a heat ready dot on top</li> <li>The ready dot will turn from red to white, indicating optimum temperature has been reached and the rollers are ready to use</li> <li>Open the lid for both the rollers and the clips and begin to style the hair</li> <li>Comb the hair thoroughly and select a roller</li> <li>Take a section of hair the width of the roller and wind the end of the hair around the roller, holding the hair taut</li> <li>Keep the roller at right angles to the scalp, to ensure even curls</li> <li>Secure the roller with one of the heated clips provided</li> <li>Continue until all sections of hair have been styled</li> <li>To remove the rollers from the hair, gently hold the roller in one hand and remove the clip with the other</li> <li>Slowly unroll the roller, being careful not to pull on it as you unwind</li> <li>Once the hair is loose of the roller, let it bounce back up</li> <li>Let the hair cool so the curl can set to give long-lasting results</li> <li>Once the hair has cooled style the hair as desired</li> <li>Replace all the clips and rollers back in the unit and close both lids</li> <li>Turn the roller set off by switching the I/0 button on the back of the unit to the 0 position</li> <li>Allow the roller set to cool down completely before storing away</li> </ol>

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