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LUNA ROSSA Black Eau De Parfum 150ml Refill

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Product Description

<p>Prada Luna Rossa Black the refillable Eau de Parfum is a woody and musky fragrance. The fusion of fresh bergamot, magnetic patchouli and elegant musk notes.</p> <p>Luna Rossa Black is refillable, allowing for less packaging materials. A 50ml bottle &amp; 150mL refill contain 55% less materials in total* as opposed 4 bottles of 50ml Prada Luna Rossa. This includes 55% less glass, 70% less metals, 45% less plastics and 50% less cardboard.</p> <p>The Prada Luna Rossa Black Collection is refillable with this 150ml Refill Bottle. The 150ml refill bottle is compatible with both the 50ml and 100ml fragrance bottles.</p> <p>Refill with the Luna Rossa Black 150ml Refill Bottle:<br /> 1. &nbsp; &nbsp;Remove the Refill cap and unscrew fragrance bottle pump<br /> 2. &nbsp; &nbsp;Hold Luna Rossa Bottle upright<br /> 3. &nbsp; &nbsp;Take the Refill Bottle and position into the fragrance bottle<br /> 4. &nbsp; &nbsp;Twist-on to refill the bottle without losing a drop<br /> 5. &nbsp; &nbsp;Wait for the refill to stop automatically and then twist-off<br /> 6. &nbsp; &nbsp;Re-screw the bottle pump and replace bottle cap</p> <p>Fragrance Family: Amber Woody&nbsp;</p> <p>Top Note: Bergamot<br /> Heart Note: Patchouli<br /> Base Note: Amber Wood</p> <p>Gender: Male<br /> Occasion: Day</p> <p>*Combined reduction of glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard. Reductions vary depending on original bottle size.&nbsp;<br /> **Reductions vary depending on original bottle size, between 30-55% for glass, 70% for metal, 20-45% for plastic and 35-50% for cardboard.</p>

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